4th Panzer Division on the Eastern Front: 1941-1943 v. 1 by Robert Michulec

By Robert Michulec

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In total, he had formed 22 bazooka teams. He had also stockpiled a further 15 bazookas with the battalion’s Company D (heavy weapons). He felt that this weapon, a US copy of the British 6-pdr antitank gun, was ineffective in facing German tanks and far too cumbersome for foot soldiers to maneuver in close combat. Even though the bazooka was largely ineffective to penetrate a German tank frontally, he recognized that in the hands of a brave infantryman, the weapon could be maneuvered for a side or rear shot.

7m (27in) in length which detonated the mine, spraying the surrounding area with steel balls. The Panzer version of the S-Mine used an electrically activated Glühzünder 28 fuze that was triggered electrically from inside the tank using a small control panel. In the middle row is the Nahverteidigungswaffe close-defense weapon with Schnellnebelkerze 39 smoke grenade fitted (3). 8kg (4lb) of a zinc/hexachloroethane smoke mix. In the bottom row is the Nahverteidigungswaffe used in conjunction with the Kampfpistole (5).

The next attack came around 1145hrs and ran into a well-coordinated antitank defense consisting of bazooka teams of the 142rd and 143rd Infantry regiments, a T30 75mm self-propelled howitzer, two 105mm howitzers, and a 37mm antitank gun. This German attack was repulsed and eight tanks were knocked out. The 142nd Infantry Regiment later reported that the bazooka had proven to be “a really great defensive weapon,” accounting for at least seven tanks during the day’s fighting. The 1st and 3rd Ranger battalions knocked out two German armored cars with bazooka fire on the approaches to Monte di Chiunzi.

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