A Call to Arms (MechWarrior: Dark Age, Book 2) by Loren L. Coleman

By Loren L. Coleman

A REPUBLIC at risk Months have handed because the interplanetary communications internet was once destroyed, setting apart planets around the Republic of the field. Achernar is without doubt one of the few worlds nonetheless in ownership of a operating Hyperpulse Generator Station, able to communications around the galaxy-and a miles sought-after prize for the splintering factions of the Republic to obtain. Raul Ortega did not qualify as an energetic MechWarrior, discovering a few solace within the Republic's army reserves on Achernar and dreaming of the day he may possibly recognize the journey and glory of genuine strive against. The Republic-loyal forces of Achernar whom Raul serves are supported via a unfastened alliance with the Swordsworn, a faction pledged to deal with Davion, whose leaders have an time table in their personal. whilst the planet falls less than siege through another splinter team, the metal Wolves, who're reason on taking pictures the HPG station, Raul is termed to energetic accountability. but if the Swordsworn desolate tract Achernar in its time of want, Raul discovers that there's little honor within the brutal realities of struggle and the sophisticated nuances of treachery.

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