A comprehensive treatise on inorganic and theoretical by Mellor J.W.

By Mellor J.W.

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In this way, bio-nanocomposites, and their resulting properties, can ideally be tunable towards suitable characteristics that are necessary for specific applications. Above we have shown the attractiveness of the so-called green nanocomposites, although the research on these materials can still be considered to be in an embryonic phase. It can be expected that diverse nano- or micro-particles of silica, silicates, LDHs and carbonates could be used as ecological and low cost “nanofillers” that can be assembled with polysaccharides and other biopolymers.

Finally, it can be envisaged that the future development of novel bio-nanohybrids will lead to new improved properties and multifunctionality derived from the synergistic combination of nanosized inorganic solids, with different structural and textural features, with molecular or even highly organized species of biological origin that are extraordinarily abundant in Nature. Acknowledgements The authors acknowledge financial support from the CICYT, Spain (Project MAT2006-03356), and the Comunidad de Madrid, Spain (Project S-0505/MAT/ 000227).

14B) allows the direct grafting of sugar- and phosphorylcholine-based biopolymers, making the modified CNTs water soluble and biocompatible [35]. Interestingly, the resulting bio-nanocomposites based on the anchorage of the sugar moiety may have interest in carbohydrate–protein recognition, whereas the phosphorylcholine derivative could prevent nonspecific protein adsorption and cellular adhesion. j23 24 j 1 An Introduction to Bio-nanohybrid Materials Fig. 14 (A) Single-wall carbon nanotubes wrapped by glycoconjugate polymer with bioactive sugars.

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