A grammar of the Hittite language: Reference grammar by Harry A. Hoffner

By Harry A. Hoffner

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43. There is no certain example of eniššan in OS, whereas all certain examples are in NS. 86:29).

19 contemporary Akkadian syllabary with the  and  signs). , HZL), while others (including the CHD) prefer to avoid the subscripted value and rely on users to know that qa in transliterated Hittite does not represent an emphatic velar. Because the signs Vg-gV, V-k-kV and Vq-qV all equally represent /VkV/ in Hittite, or something like this, and V-gV, V-kV and V-qV represent /VgV/, it is obvious that the function of a transliteration of Hittite is not to show precise pronunciation but to code the individual cuneiform signs in roman script, choosing where possible from common alternative values those which most nearly approximate what we think was the pronunciation.

Signs on Hittite tablets are written left to right, with spaces between words. , the noun ‘king’, the adjective ‘large’, or the verb ‘to sit down’). Logograms in Hittite texts consist of words from the Sumerian and Akkadian languages; the former are called Sumerograms, the latter Akkadograms. 37, p. 22) usually fail to indicate the grammatical case of the noun or adjective9 and the voice, tense, 5. Establishing an absolute chronology for the Hittite kings, and even for broad periods of their kingdom, has proven both difficult and controversial.

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