A New Crystal for Wave-Length Measurements of Soft X-Rays by Pauling L.

By Pauling L.

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This means, first of all, that Dretske’s notion of information that gains no validation from the direction of information theory; and second, that his argument does not establish that there are closer ties between the communication-theoretic notion of information and the everyday notion than are usually admitted. It should be noted, finally, that care is required when considering Dretske’s definition (2) (and the later statements that do not involve conditional probabilities) as a possible primitive notion of information that 25 .

X2 x1 x7 x1 x4 , say, then the type is the sequence ‘x2 x1 x3 x1 x4 . . x2 x1 x7 x1 x4 ’; we might name this ‘sequence 17’. The aim is to produce at the receiving end of the communication channel another token of this type. What has been transmitted, though, the information 14 Note that this formulation is left deliberately open. What counts as successful transmission and therefore, indeed, as what one is trying to transmit, depends upon one’s aims and interests in setting up a communication protocol.

The early Dretske did attempt such an approach, however; and would claim that the distinction between information theory and the everyday notion of information may be elided. I have suggested, though, that this attempt to build bridges between information theory and the everyday concept of information is not successful. 1 Introduction In Part II of this thesis, we will be considering the implications of quantum information theory for the foundations of quantum mechanics. One of the topics we shall be investigating there is the approach of Zeilinger, who has put forward an informationtheoretic principle which he suggests might serve as a foundational principle for quantum mechanics (Zeilinger, 1999b).

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