A Reference Grammar of Pashto by Habibullah Tegey - Barbara Robson

By Habibullah Tegey - Barbara Robson

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The origin of the three signs added to those of the standard consonantal inventory is in dispute. The patent similarity of form between sign 30, usually transliterated {p}, and the {s} in the later Northwest Semitic alphabet makes a common formal origin likely, but the reason for the addition of this sign to the Ugaritic alphabet is unclear. ) The most recent explanation suggests that the phonetic evolution of /s/ was caused by phonetic environment (Tropper 1995b). In function, sign 30 is like {s} but only in certain words; other {s}-words are never written with {p}.

2039:10–12]). Definiteness was thus not a marked grammatical category in Ugaritic and must be expressed in modern translation according to context. 093:14–16]). 5. , their morpho-syntax) is described. There are two primary states, absolute and construct; a third, the pronominal state, is useful in describing some of the later Northwest Semitic languages where vowel reduction is prevalent and will be referred to briefly here. 475:7–8]). The “pronominal” state is that of a noun bound to a suffixed pronoun in the genitive relationship (/malkuhu/ ‘his king’ ª ‘the king of him’).

A tablet discovered in the excavations of Ras Ibn Hani (RIH 84/13, preliminary edition by Bordreuil in Bordreuil et al. 1987: 299–301) enumerates diverse herds of bovines that were located, probably for the summer, in several villages of the kingdom. Some of these villages were located along the northern border of the kingdom, and this is certainly related to the pastoral activity characteristic of this region, where pastureland abounds. In addition to the numerous springs and grassy valleys that made the area ideal for the summer pasturing of bovines and ovines, the mountains were also covered with extensive forests.

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