A Review of the Recent Literature by Dixon R.N., Thomson C.

By Dixon R.N., Thomson C.

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Fig. 8 depicts the HPLC-separation of the different carboxyl-porphyrins in the urine of a normal subject and in the urine of a patient with porphyria cutanea tarda. The different forms of the adrenogenital syndrome (AGS) are pathogenetically based on the deficiency of one or more enzymatic steps along the biosynthesis of the adrenal steroid hormones. The chemical diagnosis of these diverse enzyme deficiencies was confronted with special difficulties. Since this disease nearly exclusively occurs in the newborn or in infants, the simultaneous estimation of several lowconcentration steroids in only minute amounts of blood is necessary.

These developments include pre- or post-column-derivatization techniques (10), post-column immunological techniques (11) and even mass spectrometry techniques (12). C. Impact of HPLC in Routine Analysis 1. HPLC as a tool of specific assessment Methodology in the clinical routine laboratory has to orient 45 itself by the reliability criteria, such as Specificity, sensitivity, precision or accuracy as well as by the practicability criteria, such as speed, costs or technical skill requirements . A n a l Y t e s _ i n _ t h e _ μ π ι ο 1 /1 • For the diagnostic parameters arising in the mmol/1 range (Table 1), all these criteria are excellently met by the methods provided by the high-speed and large-scale equipment of modern laboratory technology.

If the k' values are normalized for packing densities and the fraction of mobile phase within the column the retention increases proportionally to increasing surface area (Fig. IB). 1mm 543- Ο Hypersil Δ LiChrospher Si 100 • LiChrospher Si 500 • Spherisorb 2- Ο Zorbax 1- Fig. 2: Adsorption coefficients of various hydrocarbons a proportionality with packing density (Fig. 1C). Only Zorbax shows weaker retention than expected from its high packing density and high specific surface area. A possible explanation for this behaviour will be given later.

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