Advances in Knowledge Representation by C. Gutierrez

By C. Gutierrez

This booklet bargains a compilation of cutting-edge learn works on themes reminiscent of notion conception, confident relational algebra and k-relations, based, visible and ontological types of information illustration, in addition to certain descriptions of functions to numerous domain names, reminiscent of semantic illustration and extraction, clever details retrieval, application facts checking, complicated making plans, and information guidance for wisdom modelling, and a large bibliography. it's a priceless contribution to the development of the sphere.

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For instance, if we replace N by Z, we get the ring of integers, (Z, +, ·, 0, 1), def where negation can be defined as ¬ x = − x. This implies ( A \ B)(t) = − A(t) · B(t), which is not equal to the standard difference of relations annotated with the tuples’ multiplicities Montagna & Sebastiani (2001). Some other modifications would give the so called tropical semirings Aceto et al. (2001) whose underlying carrier set is some subset of the set of real numbers R equipped with binary operations of minimum or maximum as sum, and addition as product.

It is important to note that since RAL satisfies all the main positive relational algebra identities, in terms of query optimization, all algebraic rewrites familiar from the classical (positive) relational algebra apply to RAL without restriction. Matters are a little different for the negative identities Hajdinjak & Bierman (2011). In fuzzy relations Rosado et al. (2006) many of the familiar laws concerning difference do not hold. For example, it is not the case that A \ A = ∅, and so it is not the case in general for the L-relational algebra.

0 is an annihilating element). A semiring K is called commutative if monoid (K, , 1) is commutative. 1 (K-relation Green et al. (2007)). Let K = (K, ⊕, , 0, 1) be a commutative semiring. A K-relation over a schema U = { a1 : τ1 , . . , an : τn } is a function A : U-Tup → K such that its support, supp( A) = {t | A(t) = 0}, (6) is finite. Taking this extension of relations, Green et al. proposed a natural lifting of the classical relational operators over K-relations. The tuples considered to be ‘in’ the relation are tagged with 1 and the tuples considered to be ‘out of’ the relation are tagged with 0.

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