African Arabic: Approaches to Dialectology by Mena Lafkioui

By Mena Lafkioui

The quantity provides the cutting-edge in study on African sorts of Arabic. major students from worldwide tackle themes facing language touch, the improvement of Arabic-based pidgins and creoles, synchronic language edition and diachronic language reconstruction.

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Baggara Arabic: applying the designation ‘Baggara’ to this variety, I point to its inclusion into the dialect type spoken by Arab cattleherders scattered in a large area running from Lake Chad to the Blue Nile (the so called Baggara Belt). Being a Bedouin dialect, Baggara Arabic is characterized by several conservative traits. Nonetheless, Baggara Arabic is also strongly affected by dialect levelling towards the Sudanese urban koiné. Geographically speaking, Baggara Arabic is spoken in the eastern quarters of Layy al-Kōz, Layy al-Fagara and Kulbá as well as in the nomadic camps inhabited by Baggara nomads during the dry season (approximately from November to May).

This atypical sociolinguistic situation gives us the possibility to enlarge our understanding of the impact of urbanization in arabophone countries. As a general remark, in consequence of its relatively late process of urbanization, Kadugli still does not possess a shared dialectal norm. e. Baggara 46 Stefano Manfredi Arabic). The high degree of individual variation affecting non-native Arabic impedes a comprehensive evaluation of its phonological and morphosyntactic features. Nevertheless, it is clear that non-native varieties of Arabic used as vehicular means of communication are distinct from both native Arabic dialects and Arabic-based pidgins and creoles.

Reinventing negation patterns in Moroccan Arabic 53 Figure 1. Geographical distribution of negation with marker NEG___bu 2. North African Arabic negation The North African Arabic negation system is basically composed of the morphosyntactic opposition between verbal negation and non-verbal negation. In the verbal negation structures, the incidence point generally corresponds to the verbal predicative syntagm (V + S) or a directly related element, whereas diverse nominal elements functioning as the syntactic nucleus are referred to in the non-verbal negation structures.

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