African Cultural Astronomy: Current Archaeoastronomy and by Jarita Holbrook, R. Thebe Medupe, Johnson O. Urama

By Jarita Holbrook, R. Thebe Medupe, Johnson O. Urama

This is often the 1st scholarly choice of articles all in favour of the cultural astronomy of the African continent. It weaves jointly astronomy, anthropology, and Africa and it comprises African myths and legends in regards to the sky, alignments to celestial our bodies chanced on at archaeological websites and at locations of worship, rock artwork with celestial imagery, and clinical considering printed in neighborhood astronomy traditions together with ethnomathematics and the production of calendars.

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Koltak, K. (1991): Anthropology. Canada. MC. Gill University. Nwanunobi, C. (2002): “The Scientific Method II. Qualitative Methodology”. ; Maduekwe, A. ) Interdisciplinary Methodologies in the Social Sciences. Abuja. UNESCO, Nigeria. Obikeze, D. S. (1990): Methods of Data Analysis in the Social and Behavioural Sciences. Enugu. Auto Century Publishing Co. Ltd. A Brief Outline on the Geographical Background of Africa Basil U. Eze Introduction This write-up makes an attempt at presenting a basic outline on some of the physical and human features with which to identify the continent of Africa.

5. Theodolite: If you can get access to a theodolite, some of these measurements of true north-south can be made more precisely, such as the location of polaris or a distant GPS. High precision can be achieved by measuring the position of Polaris or a person holding a GPS at a distance of several miles. Fig. 10 Changing position of the north celestial pole from 4000 BC to AD 3000 48 J. M. Malville Appendix Shadow Casting by the Gnomon in India Measurement as Ritual The achievement of such extraordinary accuracy in locating the north-south axis of certain Hindu temples and cities results from two reinforcing themes in Indian architecture.

Visual stimuli could be presented to non-literate respondents. The cards are shuffled or randomized for the respondents to make their sorting into piles so that similar items are on a pile together. They may be asked to make a specific number or as much as they want. Allow the informants to finish their sorting before asking questions to avoid bias. Descriptive answers could be used in interpreting final results. Weller and Romney (1990: 22–23) gave example of how simple pile sort could be represented graphically.

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