Allgemeine und Anorganische Chemie. Ein Lehrbuch fur by Riedel, E.

By Riedel, E.

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The as- and b-caseins are considered calcium-sensitive, as they bind calcium and are precipitated by high calcium concentrations, and as such are functionally similar. T. Oftedal peptide and phosphorylation sites required for calcium binding, they exhibit a high rate of amino acid substitution, presumably because interchange of amino acids at most sites disrupt neither structure nor function. By contrast, both the gene structure and amino acid composition of k-casein are less variable, perhaps because of its unique role in stabilizing the micelle.

A) Schematic structure (side view) of b4Gal-T1 showing acceptor site at top where bound UDP-galactose is ready to receive N-acetyl glucosamine, leading to addition of galactose to a protein-bound oligosaccharide chain. (b) Interaction of a-lactalbumin (above), but not c-lysozyme, with b4Gal-T1 (below) alters the sugar acceptor site so free glucose is preferentially accepted (not shown), leading to free lactose synthesis. (c) Hypothetical Ramakrishnan and Qasba (2007) model of evolution of b4Gal-T1.

1973; Griffiths, 1978; Tedman, 1983). The synthesis and accumulation of lipids within lactocytes has been reviewed by McManaman (2009). Triacylglycerols destined for secretion in the milk fat globule are initially synthesized by lipogenic enzymes associated with the endoplasmic reticulum, and appear as cytoplasmic lipid droplets (and small microlipid droplets) in the cytoplasm (Fig. 9a). These droplets are coated with a monolayer of phospholipids to which both structural proteins and enzymes are bound.

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