And he knew our language: Missionary Linguistics on the by Marcus Tomalin

By Marcus Tomalin

This bold and ground-breaking ebook examines the linguistic reports produced via missionaries in accordance with the Pacific Northwest Coast of North the USA (and rather Haida Gwaii) in the course of the past due 19th and early 20th centuries. Making vast use of unpublished archival fabrics, the writer demonstrates that the missionaries have been liable for introducing many cutting edge and insightful grammatical analyses. instead of only adopting Graeco-Roman versions, they drew widely upon stories of non-European languages, and a cautious exploration in their scripture translations show the origins of the Haida sociolect that emerged a result of missionary job. The advanced interactions among the missionaries and anthropologists also are mentioned, and it really is proven that the previous occasionally expected linguistic analyses which are now incorrectly attributed to the latter. in view that this publication attracts upon contemporary paintings in theoretical linguistics, non secular heritage, translation experiences, and anthropology, it emphasises the necessarily interdisciplinary nature of Missionary Linguistics study.

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As this demonstrates, these ditics are grammatically associated with the nouns that follow them, but they are phonologically attached to the nouns that precede them. This kind of affixation pattern is not found in Haida. Like the other Wakashan languages, Kwak'wala is highly polysynthetic. While there is some reduplication and infixation, suffixation is used most extensively, and both derivational and inflectional suffixes are prevalent The lexicon consists of root words which can be modified in different ways by means of the application 13.

While based in this location, Cook and his crewmen traded with the indigenous peoples, exchanging metal objects of various kinds (buttons, handles, kettles) mainly for sea-otter pelts which were subsequently sold for a vast amount of money in China. 6 Although Cook did not actually land on Haida Gwaii itself during his voyage, when an account of his journey was published in 1784, the detailed information given about the abundance and value of the sea-otter skins that had been acquired at Nootka Sound brought a large number of trading vessels to the area - and Haida Gwaii rapidly became a popular destination (Cook & King 1784).

Indeed, Mary Malloy has recently shown that a surprisingly large number of the traders were generally intrigued by the indigenous cultures that they encountered, to the extent that they acquired numerous artefacts such as labrets, masks, jewellery, and other objects produced by native craftsmen. Although the majority of these were initially obtained merely as ethnic curios, souvenirs that would enable friends and family to glimpse the unfamiliar cultures of the 'Indians: many of them ended up in anthropological collections as the 19th century progressed.

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