Animal Factory: The Looming Threat of Industrial Pig, Dairy, by David Kirby

By David Kirby

Swine flu. poultry flu. strange concentrations of melanoma and different ailments. giant fish kills from flesh-eating parasites. remembers of meats, greens, and end result due to lethal E-coli bacterial contamination. 


Recent public well-being crises increase pressing questions about how our animal-derived foodstuff is raised and taken to industry. In Animal Factory, bestselling investigative journalist David Kirby exposes the robust company and political pursuits at the back of large-scale manufacturing facility farms, and tracks the far-reaching fallout that contaminates our air, land, water, and food. 

In this completely researched e-book, Kirby follows 3 households and groups whose lives are completely replaced via massive neighboring animal farms. those farms (known as “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations,” or CAFOs), confine millions of pigs, dairy farm animals, and chook in small areas, usually less than scary stipulations, and generate huge, immense volumes of fecal and organic waste in addition to different pollution. Weaving technological know-how, politics, legislation, tremendous company, and way of life, Kirby accompanies those households of their struggles opposed to animal factories. A North Carolina fisherman takes on pig farms upstream to maintain his river, his family’s existence, and his domestic. A mom in a small Illinois city pushes again opposed to a large dairy  farm and its devastating impression. And a Washington nation grandmother turns into an not likely activist while her house is invaded by means of foul odors and her water offer is compromised through runoff from leaking lagoons of livestock waste. 

Animal Factory is a crucial ebook approximately our American meals method long gone extraordinarily wrong---and the folks who're combating to revive sustainable farming practices and shop our constrained normal resources. 

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S. beef cattle are still owned and raised by independent producers—on open pasture, grassland, or through grazing permits on federal land—and spend only the last few months of their lives being fattened on grain in massive feedlots, which most certainly qualify as CAFOs, with all their attendant environmental issues. ) As for fish farms, they certainly present challenges that keep some environmentalists up at night, including farmed-salmon escapees that introduce harmful pests such as sea lice and viral diseases that infect wild fish populations.

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