Aristoteles Arabus: The Oriental Translations and by F.E. Peters

By F.E. Peters

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The commentaries of both Alexander and John Philoponus were employed by al-Razi (m. A. D. " 4 b. > the Sabian : According to al-Nadlm, the secretary of the famous vizier 'Ali ibn 'Isa who served the throne intermittently between A. D. 5 c. Basilius : A Basil is twice mentioned in the Fihrist: first, as a Metropolitan Bishop,' and then as in the service of the philosophical Maecenas of Khorasan, Tahir ibn al-I:Iusayn (m. A. D. ' d. 10 e. Jurj;s al-Yabrudi : According to Ibn abi U$aybi'ah, Jurjls was a physician in Damas­ cus ca.

IShiiq : Isl;1aq ibn J:Iunayn (n<. A. D. gIO) whose translation forms part of the Organon collection in Paris MS BN 2346 and has recently been edited by Badawi ;' it does not, however, form a homogeneous part of the collection but was bound into the manuscript at a later date and stands before the rest of the Organon (fols. 1-65). 1 Anawati, Mu)aZlajat #29. Ibid. # ro . , Cited in Oxford MS Bod!. Hunt 534: vide AHDL XXVII (I952). pp. 35-36. 4 Vide M. Eouyges, MFO VIII (1922), pp. 10-13. /; MSS in Steinschneider, Hebr.

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