Armenian for Everyone: Western And Eastern Armenian in by Gayane V Hagopian

By Gayane V Hagopian

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He taught semantics, pragmatics, and the philosophy of language at Keio University and Meikai University. He is Professor Emeritus at both Keio University and Meikai University. His research interests focus not only on the semantics of noun phrases and copular sentences in Japanese, but also on Relevance Theory. He is the author of Nihongo meishiku no imiron to goyōron [The Semantics and pragmatics of noun phrases in Japanese] (Hituzi Syobo, 2003) and the editor of Meishiku no sekai [On noun phrases] (Hituzi Syobo, 2013).

ANs, however, have the characteristic that they attach -da for predicative use and -na for adnominal use (rows 2 and 3 in Table 4). See Chapter 2 (Kishimoto and Uehara, this volume), Chapter 13 (Takezawa, this volume), and Chapter 14 (Kageyama, this volume) for detailed discussion on the status of adjectives and ANs. Table 4: Adjective and AN inflections 1. Past 2. Non-past (or Present) 3. adnominal (rentai) 4. adverbal (ren’yō) A. Adjective (stem waka- ‘young’) B. Adjectival Noun (stem sawayaka- ‘fresh’) waka waka waka waka sawayaka sawayaka sawayaka sawayaka katta i i ku datta da na ni Wago make up the basic vocabulary in Japanese and most nouns denoting fundamental concepts like body parts, natural objects, and natural phenomena are wago.

In the lexicalist hypothesis, the regularities of words should be captured by lexical rules operating in the domain of the lexicon. This view is strongly motivated by the principle of lexical integrity, which states that syntactic operations such as anaphoric binding, movement, and substitution do not affect or alter the internal structures of words (Anderson 1992). The lexical integrity principle is to a large measure observed in Japanese, but there are also some lexical phenomena that do not neatly fit into the standard version of this principle.

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