Astronomy Explained by Gerald North BSc (auth.)

By Gerald North BSc (auth.)

Every yr huge numbers of individuals take in the learn of astronomy, ordinarily at novice point. there are many easy books out there, jam-packed with vibrant pictures, yet missing in right motives of ways and why issues are as they're. many of us finally desire to transcend the 'coffee-table ebook' level and research this interesting topic in higher intensity. This booklet is written for them. furthermore, many of us take a seat for public examinations during this topic every year and this ebook is usually meant to be of use to them. the entire issues from the GCSE syllabus are lined the following, with pattern questions on the finish of every bankruptcy. Astronomy Explained presents a complete remedy of the topic in additional intensity than is generally present in straight forward works, and should be of curiosity to either novice astronomers and scholars of astronomy.

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Explain fully how the coordinate ystem for navigation on the Earth's surface ha been et up. Your answer should include the ignificance of the Greenwich Meridian. 3 Explain fully the coordinate system used by astronomers for celestial objects, including such points as: positive and negative declinations, the Vernal Equinox, the rotation of the Earth, idereal time, etc. 4 What cau e the stars to move across the ky? Why is the apparent motion of the Sun different from that of the fixed patterns of stars?

3 diagrammatically shows the structure of the Earth. Radioactive decay, together with the heat left over from the formation of the Earth, causes the temperature to increase towards its centre. The temperature at the Earth's core is thought to reach about 5000 0c. 4 The Surface Conditions on the Earth The surface of the Earth is mainly composed of basaltic, sedimentary and volcanic rocks (a basalt is a fine-grained type of volcanic rock mainly composed of the minerals pyroxene and plagioclase). A most notable feature of this planet is that it is geologically active.

The Earth's magnetic field has even been known to reverse its polarity. This has happened several times in the past few million years, as revealed by studies of ferromagnetic rocks near the surface. We think that the terrestrial magnetic field is generated by a natural dynamo effect. The material of the Earth's core conducts electricity. Its churning motions (due to convection of the hot fluid and the spinning motion of the Earth) cause electric currents. These electric currents then generate the magnetic field.

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